What Are The Benefits Of Having An Auto Repair Service?

Having one company take care of all of your cars needs is a great idea.  Not only will all of your car repairs happen in one place, but your auto repair shop will also have an accurate record of all maintenance and repairs that your car has received.  Looking for a car company can be a little intimidating, especially if you are not too familiar with your car’s care needs. 

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Online tools and hardware store

Shopping online for tools and hardware is proving to be the most convenient way of finding best bargains without leaving home. Nowadays many online tools and hardware store have come up due to consistent demand for hardware equipment and services. These tools and hardware stores provide tools and other hardware products for homes, offices, commercial areas, industrial areas, and recreational areas.

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Make Online Shopping Easier

If you consider picking up your wife’s, or your girlfriend’s, shopping bags all the way home after a spending a day packed with nothing but shopping nothing less than a, in the simplest of terms, pain, then online shopping is the perfect alternative. It is the easiest and most efficient, not to forget least tiresome, option that men have to counter being a shopping basket while their ladies spend time in bargaining and choosing.

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Is Martin Johnson Suffering From ‘Tony Adams Syndrome’?

by Alex Dimond


MJ — Still much to learn about coaching?

MJ — All part of the masterplan?


Another Six Nations encounter, another batch of yellow cards, another defeat for England. The defeat to Ireland at Croke Park may not have been entirely unexpected — indeed, the 14-13 was both a flattering and misrepresentative scoreline — but England’s failure to really perform for much of the match will still be a source of great disappointment.

The real annoyance for many fans is that the team does appear to have some genuine quality in the squad, quality that should be capable of challenging for the Six Nations trophy. The likes of Delon Armitage, Joe Worsley, Lewis Moody, Phil Vickery and Andy Sheridan — to mention a few — will likely be expecting a place in the British Lions squad when it forms later this year. For England, however, these players are simply not reaching their peak.

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Gordon Brown’s next generation game

The naughty table

The naughty table

Following the cringe-worthy show trial of the former bankers I am left increasingly annoyed at the actual outcome. Each banker treated like a pantomime villain. I half expected cries of “he’s behind you” emanating from Gordon Brown. In turn each former banker was ridiculed and made to say sorry like a naughty schoolboy. The Government unleashed a startling barrage of questions and criticisms over the complete failure of the banking system. Some deserved and many simply venting the anger shared by the British tax payer.

The banks are accused of heavily over-investing in hazardous institutions with flagrant disregard of the long term. Pumping so much money into such a toxic investment, as it is now been deemed in hindsight, has led to this systematic failure. Now we, as the tax payer are drawn even further into this situation as the Government has too invested, through spiralling borrowing, countless billions of pounds into a failing and toxic system.

Whether the bail out of the banks will be deemed as a systematic failure or resounding success will only be discovered through the magic of hindsight. If it does fail, as I am cynically afraid of, the question remains; will we see Gordon Brown and his peers sitting at a desk answering questions over blame and culpability?

This is an official extract from the committee meeting held on 10th February 2009 which unedited could easily apply to the future…

Deputy Chairman of the Committee George Mudie MP/ or possibly in the future David Cameron PM: “You are all in denial aren’t you?”

Former HBOS Chairman Lord Stevenson/ Former PM Gordon Brown: “We are not in denial. We didn’t spot scenarios coming up that have come up. Stress testing didn’t stress test adequately.”

Former HBOS Chief Executive Andy Hornby/ Former Chancellor Alistair Darling: “I don’t feel I am particularly personally culpable”.

John McFall MP/ Kenneth Clarke MP: “Then, are you expressing sympathy because your PR advisers advise you to do so?”

John Mann MP/ George Osborne MP: “You don’t like criticism do you? You don’t like it when people bring you the bad news do you? You lived for the good times but didn’t want any criticism.”

Former RBS Chief Executive Sir Fred Goodwin/ Peter Mandelson former MP: “I cannot live in denial of the facts. But I don’t accept your characterisation. I believe I have led the bank in a responsible fashion. I don’t have a track record of ignoring problems.”

PS I promise to write something much more jovial and in keeping next time


Heavy Snow across the UK a disaster of Innuendo

“Its just not fair. He’s got 8 inches and I’ve only got 4!” Its a call that has been going up and down the land the past week as people all over facebook have been confirming what they have got. But for many its a subject for despair. Its divinding the confident from the week and its even tearing couples a part “My wife said she would have stayed in bed with me if it was two or three inches more.  But she says she’s going to work instead” one man said.

Snow envy has proved a huge issue right across the UK. All the main medai outlets have been running pictures and stories from people gloating and what they’ve go and how tough it is to deal with it, while others have been saying how much fun they’ve had with theirs: ” We’ve had a great laugh and the kids have been playing with it non-stop” .

Yet for some trudging their way to work, its simply an inconvenience “I’ve barely got anything at all” one man said “I’d rather not think about it”.

Those who have been off work with their snow seem to have employed their time purely in making others feel worse by building snow men and other huge structures. A family man told me “we’ve erected a huge one and now we’ve stuck my carrot in it”. For tothers who can barely gather a small pile together, times will remain misearable until warm weather comes -“Then we’ll see how big they all are” a grumpy ginger man said


Wales Start Six Nations Defence With Solid Win Over Scotland

by Alex Dimond

Tom Shanklin was the first to break Scotland's defences

Tom Shanklin was the first to break Scotland's defences


Wales kicked off the defence of their Six Nations crown with a solid 26-13 victory over Scotland at Murrayfield.

For 65 minutes it was an impressive and professional performance from a Welsh side that many have tipped to complete a historic second consecutive Six Nations Grand Slam. They sucked in the Scottish defence and spread the ball out wide at will, creating problems for the opposition defenders that they struggled to deal with.

In the last 15 minutes, however, Scotland offered glimpses to suggest to the vocal home fans that they could go on to make an impact in the reminder of the tournament.

It was potentially a huge banana skin for us today, so we are just glad to get off the mark with a win,” said Welsh captain Martyn Williams, who was standing in for the injured Ryan Jones. “Scotland are never going to lie down and let you walk all over them. The good thing is there a lot of things for us to work on, and a lot of things to improve.

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