Welcome to The Equivalent.

The Equivalent is the brainchild of four disparate and depraved journalism students who simply wanted an outlet to display their work. The guys were driven to the drink by the various horrors of Public Affairs and Media Law — and as a result discovered they all shared a talent for writing, indulging in some prime banter and, most importantly, failing abjectly with women.




After an initially unsuccessful attempt to dip their collective toe into the cold waters of the blogsphere, the four young men realised they needed a bit of experience, a bit of tactical nous on their side if their blog was to be a great success.

After all, there is only so far a love of Journey, beer, pizza and FIFA 09 can take you.

As a result, two more experienced, older men were called upon to point the Equivalent in the right direction. Unfortunately, only after it was too late did anyone realise that neither man actually brought anything different to the party.

Brought together by fate (although fate might contend that beer and a general desire to avoid getting a proper job had a lot to do with it), the six men marched out into the great unknown.


Will Jon


Why ‘The Equivalent’?

Well, if you have ever studied Teeline you will know. But if you haven’t had that misfortune, then it is because all six writers are avid historians, who firmly believe that the 1707 Acts of Union are among the most crucial, epoch-defining events in the recent history of the disparate group of tribes we now call the United Kingdom.

Or something like that.

The Equivalent is where all six will admirably demonstrate their fine skills, as well as covering many other aspects of life, the universe, and everything. Sport, Music, Theatre and Pervin’ — all aspects of youth and young manhood will be covered with considerable aplomb.

Like the authors themselves, it may not be pretty, it may not be clever, but by God at least it is something to laugh at.




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"The Equivalent is so full of in-jokes, it must only be funny to the authors themselves" - Keith Somerville, as quoted in Sleeveless Top Enthusiasts Weekly.


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