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Heavy Snow across the UK a disaster of Innuendo

“Its just not fair. He’s got 8 inches and I’ve only got 4!” Its a call that has been going up and down the land the past week as people all over facebook have been confirming what they have got. But for many its a subject for despair. Its divinding the confident from the week and its even tearing couples a part “My wife said she would have stayed in bed with me if it was two or three inches more.  But she says she’s going to work instead” one man said.

Snow envy has proved a huge issue right across the UK. All the main medai outlets have been running pictures and stories from people gloating and what they’ve go and how tough it is to deal with it, while others have been saying how much fun they’ve had with theirs: ” We’ve had a great laugh and the kids have been playing with it non-stop” .

Yet for some trudging their way to work, its simply an inconvenience “I’ve barely got anything at all” one man said “I’d rather not think about it”.

Those who have been off work with their snow seem to have employed their time purely in making others feel worse by building snow men and other huge structures. A family man told me “we’ve erected a huge one and now we’ve stuck my carrot in it”. For tothers who can barely gather a small pile together, times will remain misearable until warm weather comes -“Then we’ll see how big they all are” a grumpy ginger man said


New Music in 2009 already written off – go back to bed

by Jon Bye

A new year, a new age, a new president far away…and the same old here in blighty. Exciting developments in music come thick and fast (who would have thought touring would become more profitable than selling albums). But when it comes to  new artists, if you ain’t known already you can already forget the mega fame for 2009.

This comes thick on the heels of  two pieces – one article in NME(the fallen bastion of new music) and a podcast from the Guardian (the music guide for the misguided). I must note that many other people have done it, but these two publications are the most likely to be picked up. Both backed their artists to make it, most quite obvious (if Little Boots doesn’t have a good year then none of us will) but the odd obscurity (the rise north-western dub anyone?!?)

Nothing unusual in these predictions in themselves. But arguably music is in such a fragile way right now that maybe this is not the best way forward. Its almost irresponsible. If its clear who the media pages and magazines are going to be talking about for the next year (and some key writers are already fixated on their new favourite band and deperate to tell us about it), why bother doing anything then put them on advanced order and go back to bed in a credit-crunching, fuel-rising, Woolies-closing state of apathy? Because whether we want to or not, we will be hearing about these bands for the next 6 months until they finally deliver their disappointing first album, at which point we’ll fall back on the tried and tested artists’ unoriginal new album and claim its gold.

In thi economic state as well, there is little hope for breaking this pattern either. One only needs to watch the glorified pop-youth talent show , T4’s Unsigned Act, to see that the men (or women…but most likely men) with the money are still the dinosaurs from the 90’s who were playing  it incredibly safe and signing up only the artists who had the biggest buzz and the least controversy even before the credit crunch hit.

Now, I can gauge it will be even worse. Tips list of obvious bands become bibles to the casual investor, myspace becomes their billboard and the weekly music press become their whoring ground. This great bright future of music!

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