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Let David Beckham Have His Cake and Eat It













by Alex Dimond

It’s very rare these days that I read a football article that really provokes my ire.

Sure, I often read articles or stories that I disagree with — but hardly ever to the extent I feel compelled to respond. However, Paul Gardner, writing in this month’s World Soccer magazine, has managed to achieve that particular feat.

In his article (which, if I could find it online, I would link to — but I can’t so I won’t), Gardner expresses his disgust at David Beckham’s cameo appearances for England, describing it as a “degrading hunt” for caps.

Gardner cites the example of Bobby Moore — whose record of 108 international caps Beckham is now only one shy of — as a player whose memory is somehow tarnished every time Beckham appears on the pitch for the final few minutes of an England match.

I don’t recall Wright, or Moore, or Bobby Charlton going through this awful, degrading business of virtually begging to be picked for England,” Gardner writes.

Beckham’s quest for England appearances seems to have taken possession of the man to the exclusion of a number of other things which ought to be important to him. His dignity, for a start.

Now, of course I would not want to deny Gardner his right to an opinion — he is free to think as he pleases. But that doesn’t mean he should labour under the misapprehension that he speaks for the masses.

Gardner is symptomatic of the rather ancient scribes that litter World Soccer’s pages. Judging by his picture (which, if he is following common journalistic practice, was taken at least 15 years ago), Gardner was born in the time of Bobby Moore, and followed the former West Ham and England captain through his many career highlights.

Brought up to appreciate Moore’s no-nonsense approach, Beckham’s media circus is no doubt anathema to Gardner’s sensibilities.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean his opinion is right.

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Music Review: Glasvegas: A Snowflake Fell (And It Fell Like A Kiss) EP

By Phil Seaman

Christmas without the cheer

Glasvegas: Christmas without the cheer

After their debut album put razors in the wrists of many depressed people across the country earlier this year, Glasvegas continue to (try to) rip off Phil Spector by doing a christmas album. Whilst the album failed on the fact that is a depressing, overhyped collection of cliques and overused melodies, this EP succeeds for exactly the same reasons. At a time when most christmas songs are overly sentimental and cheesy, this release succeeds in being the perfect anti-christmas relief.

Almost certainly unintentionally, Glasvegas have delivered a hilariously over-the-top, ridiculous mini album that made me burst out in laughter. From the ridiculously titled ‘Fuck You, It’s Over’ to the minor key choir laden version of ‘Silent Night’, this brings out the scrooge in us all. Good for a post-xmas dinner laugh over drinks and humbugs, and should be brought out again next year when Argos start blasting out ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ when they start advertising their xmas selection next august.

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