I’d like to say that Will Nichols is a man who needs no introduction. A man who is living proof that dreams do come true. His varied activities bestride the net: author, artist, antiquary…

Will Nichols shows off a fine crop of potatoes grown at his farm by Puffers Pond

Will Nichols shows off a fine crop of potatoes grown at his farm by Puffers Pond

Alas, Will Nichols is none of these men and therefore Will Nichols needs an introduction.

Following some lucrative yet unfulfilling false starts, this is Will Nichols’ second or third attempt at a career. After some soul searching, navel gazing and locating of other parts of his body, he’s gone back to what he does best. But even Will Nichols needs a break from Spider Solitaire sometimes, and between the gaps a writing career was born.

It’s often said that given an infinite amount of time, an infinite number of monkeys on typewriters will come up with Shakespeare’s sonnets. Using this scale, Will Nichols’ writing amounts to about three monkeys and an etch-a-sketch after a particularly boozy lunch.

And now, dear reader, he’s your problem.


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