Jon Clutton was controversially asked to join The Equivalent despite widespread concerns over his heavy ‘Charlie’ addiction. He became an official member on Wednesday 3rd December, 2008. He is regarded as having no particular talents other than turning the blandest of nibs into a feature worthy story. His knowledge of defamation has taken him from hero to zero, lowering estimations, always adding the ridiculous to the sublime in a seemless transition.

There have been speculative rumours that he sleeps in his car at various times in the week but this has yet to be confirmed. Each Thursday he loves nothing more than signing off a hard day at the rat (face) race by consuming copius amounts of beer*, followed by excessive amounts of pizza and yes, on occasions, garlic bread.

*Beer is a useful tool in explaining how the global stock market works

A kuma-ma-tata


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"The Equivalent is so full of in-jokes, it must only be funny to the authors themselves" - Keith Somerville, as quoted in Sleeveless Top Enthusiasts Weekly.


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