"So, Paul Scharner, is Phil Seaman a better writer than Alex Dimond?"

Alex is definitely among the top ten best writers on this website. When he isn’t in lectures (sitting at the back, of course) he might well be thinking up cool content for The Equivalent. Alternatively, he might just be playing FIFA.

With an unflinching belief that he is always right, a convenient disregard for facts that might not support his view and an ability to write thousands of words on the most trivial of stories, Alex naturally believes he has all the skills required to become a great journalist. With past experience including a blog that reached literally tens of people worldwide and an article his mum read, he also believes he has the popularity to succeed.

Even more than he loves writing in the third person, Alex loves sport. His enthusiasm and love for all sports has earned him more than a little money — last year alone he predicted Tiger Woods would win a major, and an English team would win the Champions League — so his is an opinion worth listening to.

He also bet on the Giants to win the Superbowl, before the Playoffs had even begun. Never one to boast, he also knew the Celtics would take the NBA Finals — he just didn’t want to spoil the surprise for everyone else.

He didn’t see Barack Obama’s Presidential victory coming, though — oh no.

As a journalist he wants to improve and become the best he can, so constructive criticism is always welcomed. Just don’t disagree with his opinions — he’s never wrong.

And never, ever suggest his work is worse than Phil Seaman’s.


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